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Thursday, November 26, 2009

2009 nicest movie

You gonna watch it!!!! ;)
I hope this won't happen in our planet....
We gonna cherish what we have now if not it's too late!!

1:45 PM

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

♥ Boy Over Flowers

Boy Over Flowers

Geum Jan Di as Makino Tsukushi

Goo Jun Pyo as Doumyouji Tsukasa

Yoon Ji Hoo as Hanazawa Rui

So Yi Jung as Nishikada Soujiro

Song Woo Bin as Mimasaka Akira

You Gotta Watch It!!!!

8:39 PM

♥ Japanese FoodCourt!!!!

The Japanese Foodcourt.......

The place is damn cool.... haha

Is located at Northpoint (Yishun), at the top level....

There's lots of Japanese Food to choose... haha & the price is reasonable...

I have a plate of >>> (Teriyaki Tomato Bake Rice)

It's Great!!! I Luv the Cheese!!!! ;)

My BF having>>>> (Teriyaki Stone Bowl Rice)

It's hot!!! BUT Shiok!!! The Taste is Great!!!

YOU Should Give It A Try!!! ;)

7:51 PM

Sunday, March 8, 2009

♥ Marley & Mi

Marley & Mi

A beautiful and touching family story. The movie is very hilarious and based on real-life happenings on the life of a pet dog. Marley does all the mischievous things and puts Owen in trouble. Oh my, the movie is worth watching!!!

Although Marley is Mischievous BUT I Love you........ ;)

I will NEVER forget this Movie....

1:19 PM

Thursday, February 26, 2009

♥ The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.......

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

"I was born under unusual circumstances."

Basically it's just abt a guy who came into this world as a baby and leave this world the same...as a baby.
Benjamin Button life is a life that's different from others.He experienced how it's like to be old when he's young and vice versa.

The journy of his life tells of an amazing story which compel us to think of our own life and how the way we wanna life it.

It's a MeaningFul Story Indeed.... **** will be given to this movie

4:24 PM

Friday, February 20, 2009

♥ Valentine Day!!!

14 February 2009

We are taking.... >>>>

This is my 1st time having party on a ship (Princess Falcon)..
although is a small ship but i'm looking forward to it..... hehe....

Lots of couple are waiting to board the ship....

Haha so sweet..... Cheers!!

It's Party Time....!!!!

How's the rock band..?? hehe & the beautiful Ladies with huge breast!!! hahaha

Nice & Beautiful scenery outside the ship.... Fresh Air...... haha

We have a Great & Wonderful Valentine Day!!....
Thanks Dear... We must always remember tis day k.... hehe!!

9:24 PM

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

♥ Website for Manga Comics

You can visit this website for the Comics u interested in.....


And vote for your Fav Comics...... hehe!!

The Most Popular Manga are as follow:

1) Naruto (recommend)

2) Skip Beat!! (recommend)

3) Bleach

4) Kitchen Princess

5) Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama

6) The One

7) Kyou, Koi Wo Hajimemasu

8) Do You Want To Try

And many more....... keke

1:51 PM

Sunday, January 4, 2009

♥ Skip Beat!!!!

Let mi introduce you a nice COMIC that i had read....

That is SKIP BEAT!!!

Heard that Japan & Taiwan is casting this drama soon...... Looking forward to it!!!

I think this will be the best combination for Japan>>>

Ueto Aya as Kyoko

Shirota Yuu as Ren

Jaejoong as Sho

Meisa as Kanae

Abe Hiroshi as Rory

See do they look alike..... hahaha.... I hope this will turn up real!!!!

As for Taiwan this will be the best combination >>>

Althought i don't think the face match...

But for character wise this should be the best!!!

Rainie Yang as Kyoko

Mike He as Ren

Aaron Yan as Sho

Looking forward.... haha Especially for the Japan Casting!!!

11:36 AM

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